Rental Agreement for the Chatham Kinsmen Club Hall - 341 Delaware Ave, Chatham


The Chatham Kinsmen Club Hall Rental Policies:

1. All users must pay the hall rental and security deposit before access is issued to the user.

2. The rental rate is $75.00 based on 3 hours per event.

3. The security deposit is $75.00 and will be return within 30 days after the event,

assuming no damage.

4. The preferred form of payment is cheque (payable to Kinsmen Club of Chatham), with

cash also accepted. Booking is not officially confirmed until payment is received.

5. The hall coordinator will open the hall and returned following the event to lock the hall.

6. Hall capacity is 40, using 30 chairs with 8 tables.

7. Fire – there are fire extinguishers at the two main entrance exits.

8. Smoking is prohibited in the building and within 3 metres from the building.

9. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted anywhere. The renter may not

make or distribute alcoholic beverages of any type available to anyone.

10. There is a first aid kit at the bar.


The Renter is responsible for:

1. Cleaning off the tables and setting the tables and chairs to previous positions.

2. Removing all garbage bags provided. There is a dumpster located on East side of the arena.

3. Washrooms to be left in reasonable clean condition, also ensuring that there is no

running water and not damage or deface the facility or any of its contents.

4. Remove all items such as decorations, remove all items from the refrigerator.

6. Only masking tape can be used for sticking items to walls (no tacks, nails or scotch or

duct tape).

7. Close and lock all doors when leaving.

8. Inspect the exterior grounds and parking lot for debris, bottles, etc.

9. Report any damage or hazardous conditions to the Hall Coordinator or his alternate.